Registration Instruction

General Information

Bib number and event goods receipt

  1. Participants' packages, including a bib number and timing chip, will be sent to the registered address
    for Korean residents 1-2 weeks before the race.
  2. Before the race, all participants without a residential address in Korea (foreign participations) must pick up a bib number and amenities at the location below.

Pick-up Point

Location Olympic Parktel [Berlin Hall]
Hours 10:30 ~ 17:30
Date 2nd ~ 4th of November, 2023
Please bring your passport to pick up your package.
(Your personal information on the registration form must match your passport.)

[Olympic Parktel Map]
If you need further information, you can visit their website. Move

Start Point

  • - Only registered runners are allowed to enter the start area.
    Friends, families, and other supporters are not allowed to enter.
  • - Starting groups from A to D will be assigned to all participants.
    Your group will be printed on your bib based on the records.
    Please make sure to assemble in the assigned group.
Baggage Deposit
Hours 6:00 ~ 7:00
Location Pick-up Point will be Near Start Line
Procedure 1. Be sure to pick up a baggage deposit bag at registration and put your belongings into it.
2. Attach one sticker on your baggage deposit and another to your bib number.
3. Claim your baggage with your bib number after the race.
* Please note that retrieving your belongings once deposited is impossible.
* The organizers will not accept anything valuable in the baggage deposit.
Drinks and Snacks
every 5 km
Sports Drink
every 5 km after the 15 km point (*5 km point in 10K)
* Customized formula and special drinks are only available for elite athletes.
Official Record and Timing System
  • 1. Participants' official records will be measured by the chip timing system called "Chrono Track System."
  • 2. The chip is affixed to the back of your bib number.
  • 3. Please note that you cannot get your record if you fold or tear off the affixed chip.
  • 4. Runners must attach the bib number on their front side of the body following the rules of IAAF.
  • 5. It is not necessary to return the chip or bib after the race.
  • 6. The record certificate will be mailed to the runners later.
  • 7. No certificates will be issued to runners who fail to meet the requirements, such as missing the timing mat every 10km.
  • 8. If you want to request to reissue the certificate, please contact us via email