Participant Guidelines
  • Regardless of the reason, applications or transfers of participation rights through pseudonyms or proxies are not allowed.
  • In the event that the actual participant and the insurance policyholder (applicant) are different, no compensation will be provided for any accidents that occur during the event.
  • Please be aware that if it is revealed that participation under a pseudonym or transfer of participation rights has occurred, you may face future restrictions or disadvantages.
  • After submitting your application, please confirm through the application status inquiry in the Runble app whether your application has been properly processed.
  • For insurance enrollment purposes, personal information is collected under the participant's consent, and resident registration numbers are encrypted and stored.
  • In recent marathons, injuries as well as fatalities have occurred. Participants are advised to consider their own health conditions before participating in the event.
  • The event office will enroll all participants in group insurance and deploy ambulances at the course and finish line in preparation for any unforeseen circumstances.
  • However, the organizers do not take responsibility beyond the coverage limits (insurance coverage amount limit) provided by the insurance policy, in addition to primary first aid measures, for injuries and accidents that occur during the race. There will be no additional compensation.
  • Participants must confirm for themselves whether they can run without difficulty through medical institutions and make their own decisions.
Qualifications for Participation
  • FULL Course: Men and women born before November 3, 2006, who are physically healthy and can finish within 5 hours.
  • 10K: Anyone, regardless of gender or age, who is physically healthy and can finish within 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Operating and Regulations Guide for Race Day

Participants of the FULL Course and 10K must arrive at the venue by 7:00 AM. After changing clothes in the dressing rooms located at the Sangam World Cup Park, please leave your belongings in the storage area, warm up adequately, and then proceed to the starting line. The race will begin promptly at 8:00 AM. Participants who start ahead of their assigned group will be not be provided with official records and also excluded from official ranking awards.

  • 1. Dressing Rooms and Storage For the convenience of participants, dressing rooms and storage facilities are operated by the office. The storage area will be open between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM on the day of the event. Participants are advised to deposit their belongings with ample time before the start. When retrieving items after completion, please present the storage sticker received during depositing. (Valuables will not be stored, and the office is not responsible for losses as the contents of stored items cannot be confirmed in advance.) Incidents of theft of cash and valuables at marathon venues have been frequent recently. Participants are advised to refrain from carrying cash and valuables except for essential items needed on the day of the race.
  • 2. Beverage and Snack Provision Water and isotonic drinks will be provided every 5 kilometers. After passing the finish line, beverages and snacks for nutrition replenishment will be provided to finishers.
  • 3. Record Measurement Record measurement will be conducted simultaneously using Net Time, measured from the moment of crossing the starting line, and Gun Time. JTBC Seoul Marathon utilizes a disposable electronic timing system by Chronotrack Systems. If the timing chip attached to the bib is removed, tampered with, or damaged, the record will not be measured. To ensure accurate record measurement, attach the bib to the front of your body. Since the chip is disposable, it does not need to be returned after finishing.
  • 4. Disqualification The office does not recognize the transfer of participation rights or proxy participation for smooth event preparation. Participants who attempt to change their participation or participate as proxies will be disqualified, and no record certificates will be issued. Moreover, any form of misconduct that disrupts or interferes with the accurate recording of race results, such as running with someone else's bib number, will result in disqualification for the participant involved. Participants who fail to attach their race number on the day of the race or tamper with, alter, or attach it incorrectly or wear multiple chips will be prevented from participating by race officials and disqualified. Participants who start ahead of their assigned group (group departure) and those who do not meet the JTBC Seoul Marathon Masters participation criteria will be disqualified and excluded from official ranking awards.
  • 5. Traffic Control Due to traffic issues in the vicinity of the race course, strict completion time limits will be enforced. The cutoff times are 5 hours for the FULL Course and 1 hour and 20 minutes for the 10K. After the cutoff time at each kilometer point (refer to the rear pass time table), traffic control will be automatically lifted, so participants must cooperate with instructions from course officials to board the transportation vehicles. The office will not be responsible for any accidents that occur if participants refuse instructions from course officials and continue running. Participants are requested to consider not only their own health but also the inconvenience to the public and cooperate to finish within the time limit.
  • 6. Provision of Race Pack BIB numbers and commemorative items will be delivered via courier to the addresses provided during registration, and the shipping costs will be borne by the organizers. Finisher medals can be received at the finish line only by those who complete the race. Race packs will be sequentially delivered in mid-October. (For domestic residence only, For Foreign participants arriving from overseas will have to pick up their race packs at the offline EXPO before the competition. Further details regarding the schedule and location will be announced soon.)
  • 7. Changes and Refund Guidelines Registration Period: From March 26th (Tuesday) 10:00 AM to first come first served basis. Information Change and Refund Period: Until September 20th (Friday) 5:00 PM (*No refunds after this date)
    *Changes to registration information and registration cancellations can only be made through the Runable app.
    *To change the event category, you must cancel the original registration and reapply for the desired category after the refund. (Duplicate registrations are not allowed, and changes to event categories are not permitted.)
    *After the refund period, changes to event categories are strictly prohibited.
  • 8. JTBC Seoul Marathon reserves the right to revoke participation qualifications, extend special invitations, suspend or cancel the event (no refunds will be issued in case of event cancellation due to force majeure), change the course, etc. *For detailed information regarding the event and participation, please refer to the brochure and Runable app delivered with the race number and commemorative T-shirt.
Awards Information
  • 1. On-site Award Presentation: Top 3 in both men's and women's categories for FULL and 10K events (Net Time)
  • 2. Race Rules
    Official participant records will be measured by Net Time (NET-TIME).
    Participants who start ahead of their assigned group (group departure) and those who do not meet the JTBC Seoul Marathon Masters participation criteria will be disqualified and excluded from official ranking awards.
    Athletes affiliated with the Korea Association of Athletics Federations and athletes who have been disqualified within 2 years after losing their athlete qualifications will be excluded from the awards.
Race Number Allocation Guide
  • 1. FULL Course Race Number Group Allocation:
    Allocation based on recent 5-year offline Full Course race records.
    Group allocation is scheduled for individuals whose record certificates have been submitted and approved through the Runable Record Collection website.
    Submission by September 20th (Friday) at 5:00 PM (Records submitted after this time will not be accepted.)
    Those without record certificates will be assigned to Group D.
  • 2. 10K Bib Number Group Allocation:
    Allocation ratio based on submission of 10K race records from the past 5 years.
    Group allocation is scheduled for individuals who have submitted and had their records approved through the Runable Record Collection website.
    Submission deadline: Until September 20th (Friday) 5:00 PM (Records submitted after this date will not be accepted.)
    Those who do not submit records will be allocated to Group D.
※ Runable Record Collection Website > Sign up and log in > Register your record menu
※ Accepted Record
 Recent 5-year offline full course, 10K race completion records (Records up to the 2019 event will be accepted)
Group Allocation Criteria
Field Group Criteria
Full A GROUP UNDER 3:30:00
Participants who do not submit their records.
10K A GROUP Allocation based on submission of 10K race records from the participants.
※ Participants who completed the full course in the 2019, 2022, and 2023 JTBC Seoul Marathons will be automatically assigned without separate certification procedures if not certified within the period through the Runable Record Collection website.
※ JTBC Seoul Marathon records can be viewed through the official website.
2024 JTBC Seoul Marathon Office
  • Phone Number: 02-2031-1935
  • Operating Hours: Weekdays 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Lunch break: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM) Closed on weekends and public holidays.