Important Information for Participants

Important Information for Participants
  • It is impossible to register with nicknames, aliases, or borrowed names, no matter what your justification may be.
  • Once you have completed registering for the Marathon, it is impossible to hand over your registration to others
    (nicknames, aliases, borrowed names, and transferring registrations cannot only compromise your safety and compensated for any accidents
    that occur during the event but also disrupt the Marathon’s administrative processes).
  • If the Marathon finds out that you have either registered with nicknames, aliases, borrowed names or handed over your registration to
    another person, please be aware that you may face some disadvantages (e.g., being banned from registering to the Marathon in the future).
  • Once you have submitted your registration forms, please confirm that your documents were submitted correctly by clicking on
    ‘View My Registration.’ If you stop during the process, your registration will be incomplete.
  • We will collect your resident registration number/alien registration number to register you for insurance.
    The registration numbers are saved encrypted.

Recently, injuries and deaths have occurred in various marathon competitions. Participants should participate in the contest considering
their health conditions. The competition secretariat will purchase group insurance for all participants and deploy ambulances on the course and finish line in
case of an emergency. However, in addition to emergency measures for injuries and accidents during the competition, other than the coverage covered by the insurance (the insurance coverage limit in the table), The organizers are not responsible, and
there is no additional compensation.
Participants must check and decide whether they can run smoothly through a medical institution.

2023 JTBC Seoul Marathon Insurance Guide

Participants in the 2023 JTBC Seoul Marathon are insured under the following conditions.

Criteria The contents of a special agreement Insurance subscription amount per person (KRW)
Accidental Death Accidental Death during the marathon sum assured KRW 100,000,000
Accidental Injury and Disability Accidental Injury and Disability during the marathon sum assured KRW 100,000,000
Accidental Disease-related Death Accidental Diseased Death during the marathon sum assured KRW 100,000,000
※ For those under 15 years of age 80 years of age or older, the death security is excluded.
※ Other liability insurance subscription.
  • Ⅰ. During a competition means until you break up after participating in a marathon competition.
  • Ⅱ. Injury is defined as a sudden and accidental outpatient shock and is a case where the body is damaged by an external shock.
  • Ⅲ. Disease is caused inside the body, and during marathon events, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, shortness of breath, vomiting, and muscle pain are frequently caused.
    Most accidents, except sprains, fractures, and stab wounds, can be considered diseases.
  • Ⅳ. The marathon injury and disability means remaining in the body even after being cured by a sudden and accidental
    outpatient accident during a marathon.
    It refers to a permanent damage condition and is paid according to the failure rate.
    It must be related to the after-effects of injury, and it must be connected to the disease that you were suffering from.
    It is not paid about the disability
  • Ⅴ. We may investigate death accidents caused by excessive drinking after the competition.
    There is no compensation for the content unrelated to the marathon. Therefore, drinking alcohol right after the
    competition and other activities make it difficult to recover after exercise.
    We ask you to avoid it.

Due to changes in the regulations of the Financial Supervisory Service, the marathon treatment fee that has been implemented so far
cannot be applied.
- Article 7-50(2)2 of the Insurance Business Supervision Regulations
For the above reasons, the organizer cannot pay for injury treatment and disease treatment, so participants who want to guarantee medical expenses should purchase insurance individually.

Qualifications for Participation
  • 1. Full Course Full Course Healthy men and women (over 18 years of age) born before November 4, 2005 / Those who can complete the full course within 5 hours.
  • *group
    Group Record
    Group A SUB 3:30:00
    Group B SUB 4:00:00
    Group C SUB 4:30:00
    Group D OVER 4:30:00, No Record
    Based on Official certified submission until 5 years.
    Only a certified full marathon distance will be accepted for qualifying.
    We accept qualifying times from KAAF, AIMS, or foreign equivalent certified courses.
  • 2. 10K Healthy men and women of all ages can participate / Those who can complete the race within an hour and 20 minutes
    ※ However, participants under the age of 14 can participate with the consent of their parents.
  • 3. Elite International athletes – International athletes invited by JTBC Seoul Marathon Secretariat
    Domestic athletes – male and female athletes registered in the Korea Athletics Federation
  • 4. Wheelchair International and Domestic Athletes invited by JTBC Seoul Marathon Secretariat.
Participant Information Gathering Guide
  • 1. Privacy Policy With the applicant's consent, the 2023 JTBC Seoul Marathon Secretariat collects information that can identify individuals, such as their name, resident registration number, address, and e-mail.
    Insurance cannot be subscribed if the resident number is wrong, and all collected personal information (the last digit of the resident number) will be destroyed after the competition.
  • 2. Required Information Name, resident registration number, participation category, address, contact information, e-mail, etc
    Personal information is used for insurance subscription provided by the organizer and information (e-mail and text message) according to the competition.
    To provide better service, personal information can be shared with sponsors, partners, and insurance companies. We do not share
    personal information to another person, company, or agency for other commercial purposes.
    However, personal information may be disclosed to take legal action, if the applicant violates the participant's precautions and terms of use, he/she may cause legal damage to others, or he/she may not have manners and
  • 3. Matters concerning the use of portrait rights 1) All venue areas, including the course, are where filming and news coverage are allowed.
    2) Portrait rights (Disclaimer right, Portrait profit right) to the organizer of photographs, videos, etc., which are portrait works generated by taking photos and videos (including voice) of all participants
    are agreed to be used, and all portrait works may be licensed to the Organizer/Controller.
    3) Works taken at the venue have the right to be used for commercial purposes.
    4) Digital advertising, other PRs, webs, and mobile channels are permanently utilized in original or edited form, and participants can be seen.
    5) Photos and videos taken at the venue can be used to host, organizer and sponsors promotion.
Operation and Regulation Guidance on the Day of the Competition

You must arrive at each venue (Full course, 10K) by 7:00 a.m.
Change your clothes in the dressing room set up in the gathering area.
Please leave it at the warehouse and warm up enough in the gathering place before you get ready to run.
Departure time is scheduled for 8:00 a.m.
The Master's Award Standard Record is Net-Time, so please take your time to leave for the participants' safety as a starting line.
When you move, please move in an orderly manner according to the staff's instructions, and you can start to run according to the signal in the waiting line of your participating group.
※ The schedule above can be changed due to the circumstances of the organizer, and it will be notified when it is changed.

  • 1. Dressing rooms and storage of items For the convenience of participants, the competition office operates dressing rooms and storage rooms. The storage area will be open between 6:30am and 7:30am on the day of the competition. Please leave the goods with plenty of time before running and make sure getting an item storage sticker.
    After completing the race, you can present the item storage sticker to pick your items up.
    (Since we cannot check the contents of the stored items in advance, valuables cannot be stored and also we are not responsible for any loss.)
    Recently, cash and valuables theft from marathon venues are frequently occurring. Participants should remember this and be aware not to carry money or valuables other than necessary items on the day.
  • 2. Drinks and Snacks Water : every 5 km
    Sports Drink : every 5 km after the 15 km point (*5 km point in 10K)
    * Customized formula and special drinks are only available for elite athletes.
  • 3. Record measurement and chip return The historical measurement method is Net Time, measured when you pass the starting point.
    JTBC Seoul Marathon uses the Chrono track System, a disposable electronic recording measurement system.
    Removing, folding, or damaging the recording measurement chip attached to the numbered tag may prevent the recording from being measured. For accurate record measurement, you should accurately place the number tag on the front of your body.
    Attach it so that it can be seen. Record measuring chips are disposable, so you don't have to return them after completing the race.
  • 4. Disqualified The secretariat does not accept transfer or proxy participation for smooth competition preparation, and we will disqualify participant
    changes and proxy participation and send no records.
    And also, the competition management staff can inhibit and disqualify participants if participants are not attaching a bib and are changing it arbitrarily or wearing multiple chips on the competition day.
    In addition, we will not admit the records recorded by any fraudulent activity that interferes with or makes it difficult to accurately assess the competition records, such as running with another person's badge number and participants involved in such actions.
  • 5. Traffic control traffic problems around the course of the competition. The time limit is 5 hours for Full course, 1 hour and 20 minutes for 10K.
    After each K-point time limit (see the rear passage schedule), traffic control is automatically released, so make sure to cooperate with the instructions of the staffs. If necessary, please board onto the returning vehicle.
    In the event of an accident, The Secretariat (organizer) shall not be responsible for any participants who refuse to follow directions from the organizer and continue to run. Please cooperate to complete the race within the time limit, considering the inconvenience to citizens and your health condition.
Notice of Change and Cancellation of Reception
Registering type Reception information change and refund period Reception information change and non-refundable period
Pre-draw winner Announced Separately After September 22nd (fri) 17:00
Main reception May 5th (thu) 10:00 ~ FCFS

※ Cancellation is not possible for pre-registration event reward winners.
Other matters The 2023 JTBC Seoul Marathon Secretariat has the authority to disqualify from participating, invitation of special personnel, suspension or cancellation of the competition
(Participation fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the competition due to a natural disaster),
schedule, course change, etc. Other matters are following the rules of the 2023 Korea Athletics Federation.
※ For more information about the competition, please refer to the booklet and the Runable app available in the race package.